Places to Travel in Canada

1. Calgary 2. Ottawa 3. Whistler 4. Vancouver Island 5. Quebec City 6. Toronto 7. Montereal 8. Niagara Falls, Ontario 9. Banff National Park 10. Vancouver All this are the 10 best places to go in Canada, if you go to Canada don´t forget to go to this places, and dont forget to give us […]


Top Hotels Casino In Canada

1. Casino Niagara, Ontario Casino Niagara is one of the best casinos in Ontario Canada. It was established as a land casino in December 1996. There are over thirteen thousand slot-machines available here with 30 gambling tables. Also, a poker room is provided for big players. Casino Niagara has a multiple purpose sports section which […]

Health & Wellbeing News

Rosemary Shrager reveals the secret method behind dropping three dress sizes

TV chef Rosemary Shrager has shared how she recently dropped down three dress sizes, after employing one simple trick into her diet – and she looks fabulous! The 67-year-old has starred on a variety of shows including I’m A Celebrity, The Big Family Cooking Showdown and most recently, The Real Marigold on Tour (airing tonight). In […]